Päijätär Conifer Oil


Päijätär Conifer Oil is an artisanal, flavored and healthy oil made of juniper and spruce collected from clean Finnish forests and of local camelina oil.

Conifer oil brings the taste of the forest to your plate. It allows you to top off your food with a sophisticated taste and style.

The ingredients have been carefully selected and hand-collected from the forests of Sysmä, Finland.

The base oil is Camelina oil or False flax oil, a Finnish cold-pressed virgin oil.

The conifers have been infused in oil with gentle heat to preserve their properties.

According to the manufacturer, a family business from Tavastia region in Finland, the Camelina oil is a health-promoting, good-tasting and multi-purpose cooking oil that has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels. This cold-pressed virgin oil is obtained from camelina seeds (Camelina sativa) grown in Finland.

A beautiful bottle of oil can decorate the dining table, and you can pour a few drops of oil on your dish to flavor the food. The oil can also be used for marinating and frying.

Store the oil in the refrigerator

Packaging: 100 ml glass bottle

Manufacturer: Luontoemo, Sysmä, Finland


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