Päijätär Havusuola, conifer salt


Päijätär Havusuola conifer salt is handmade from fresh juniper and spruce collected from the clean forests of Sysmä and from unprocessed sea salt.

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Conifer salt brings flavours of forest on your plate. You can season or marinate food or snacks.

The conifers have been carefully selected and hand-picked in the woods of Sysmä, Finland.

The salt is coarse Atlantic sea salt that is unprocessed, i.e. unrefined. The salt is ground together with fresh conifers, and its composition is between fine and coarse.

Thanks to the way the salt is made, the minerals in the salt are better preserved. The salt is collected from the Spanish Bay of Cadiz by traditional methods on top of a clay layer and dried under the hot sun.


A beautiful little jar can decorate the dining table, and you can sprinkle a little salt from it on top of your dish. The salt is also well suited for marinating foods.

Close the lid when you are not using salt, so the freshly ground conifers will better retain their aromaticity and salt its moisture.

Packaging: 30 g glass jar

Manufacturer: Luontoemo, Sysmä


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