Metsän Rauha conifer tea

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Metsän Rauha conifer tea comes from the forests of Tavastia region in Finland. This artisanal herbal tea brings the scent and taste of the forest to your home.


Ingredients of the infusion - spruce, pine and juniper - have been carefully collected from the organic forests of Sysmä. Juniper berries and heather flowers have also been picked by local wildcrafters.

The herbal tea is packed in a small cute seed bag which could be recycled for storing seeds for next summer.

The same recycling idea runs across the board: recycled cardboard is used on the label and product card, printed with only one color.

The tea comes with a beautiful card that, in addition to instructions and tips, contains ideas for a moment of calm and meditation and a story about the peace of the forest based on Finnish mythology.


You can use the blend for hot and cold drinks, scented baths, natural cosmetics, baths, steam water, or even incense.

Making herbal infusion: Put 1 teaspoon in a cup or 1 tablespoon in 0.5 liters of boiling water, and let simmer for 5-15 minutes. Or to your liking.

Packaging: 20 or 40 g

Manufacturer: Luontoemo, Sysmä, Finland

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20 g, 40 g


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