Welcome to the new Luontoemo site!

I hope you like the new visual, and you find the structure easy to navigate. If you notice something that doesn’t work, I would appreciate your feedback! It would be highly valued if you are able to take the time to let me know.

The content of the site remains more or less the same, and there is a lot of interesting information to read. InfoWell is still available, and there will be more often updates in the News section.

I will also post on our Facebook and Instagram accounts when something new has been added here. The site is not yet completely ready, and it will never become complete anyway. Some pictures, and some products, and translations are still missing, and something new always comes up and something old will be removed.

The women behind Luontoemo will now come forward: here you may find the story of Luontoemo. We also open a little bit the idea behind Luontoemo’s own products.

Our products and services should be pretty easy to locate on the site, and the product categories have been brought on the main page so that your preferred products can be easily accessed.

Photographer: Silvi Kaarakainen

Let’s keep in touch!

With forest-scented regards,

Ritva and Pauliina




(During the past months, the odor of different kinds of conifers has been constantly around the house, and it seems it has taken on me as well!)

pauliina.silva (at) luontoemo.fi