Luontoemo’s origins

Luontoemo, Ma Nature in Finnish, is a manifestation of nature’s green care. Luontoemo represents the resilient feminine power of nature.

As a company, Luontoemo is a love story of nature and women, and a story about women and herbs from Päijänne Tavastia, the historical Finnish region bordering with the lake Päijänne.

Luontoemo’s ma and daughter

Great-grandmother Hongisto is remembered as a legendary figure from the beginning of the last millennium who knew about wild plants and their herbal use and from whom neighbors sought advice. Ritva’s granny Aino Hongisto lived and worked in Asikkala Kalkkinen in Päijänne Tavastia. 


Ritva Salminen realized her long-term dream in the early 1990s and founded the natural product store Luontoemo in Sysmä. In addition to the reference to Mother Nature or Gaia, and the affective way her son called her, “emo”, the name has also other mythological meanings in Finnish tradition.


The store has been operating for almost 30 years to support the natural health of local residents. The reliable and confidential service has made both locals and summer residents come back to Ritva again and again.


In 2010, Ritva’s daughter Pauliina Silva joined the movement, and today Luontoemo has an online store, product development and services related to edible wild herbs.

With decades of experience, Ritva can advise on the best products for any purpose, and Pauliina guides you into the world of edible and healing wild plants.

Luontoemo’s offspring

Luontoemo’s products are born of thought and love. The raw materials have been collected with respect for the plants and with permission. Through these eternal beings, we join a chain under which we have lived and worked with each other, protecting and nurturing each other. We will continue this chain in collaboration with those who follow the same heritage and path, and we want to bring our output to anyone who needs this connection.

Wild plants grow their power from land, water, sun and air. They can do without us, too. Will we survive without them?

It is important to enter the world of the forest with respect and listening. The forest has always been sacred to the Finns, an animal kingdom ruled by a bear as a king. Both sages and customary people have sought strength and healing in the forest. Rest for a moment and breathe with the trees.

Researcher of Finnish folklore Dalva Lamminmäki , excerpt from the product card Metsän Rauha – Calm of the Forest conifer teae

Luontoemo’s products are easily recyclable and reusable. Materials consume as little as possible.The product content of our products is as simple as possible and all our own products are based on Finnish wild plants. The plants are collected by local wildcrafters from Päijänne Tavastia and have been treated gently and with expertise.

Luontoemo’s herbs: a piece of land, nature, roots, and identity.

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