Luontoemo’s latest offspring, Calm of the Forest conifer tea, comes from the forests in Sysmä Päijänne Tavastia.

Metsän Rauha herbal infusion is packed in a seed bag. We thought that even this little bag would get a new life after it was emptied and could be used to store seeds for the next summer. Tomato seeds, for example, or any seeds you’d like to plant.

The same idea of recycling runs through the line: recycled cardboard has been used on the label and product card, with only printing ink.

The conifers have been carefully and selectively collected from Heini Katajisto’s organic forest in Sysmä. Local wildcrafters Tuulia Jokinen and Paula Jokinen have pickedthe juniper berries and heathers.

Feedback on the conifer tea:

Luontoemo’s Metsän Rauha conifer tea crush

  • I’ve never really drunk tea, but this is good!
  • Wonderfully forest-like taste.
  • What a scent!
  • Funny how fresh and sweet, almost like some fruit.
  • Tastes good! Pretty mild. And not at all acrid.
  • I feel I am drinking the forest!




Behind all this product development was the dream of making a tasty and completely Finnish renewable and easily accessible infusion, which could be enjoyed without, well, tea (Camellia sinensis).

And that’s not all. This was just the beginning. The product card mentioned at the beginning has been made in collaboration with folklore researcher Dalva Lamminmäki and Dalva has written wonderful texts on Finnish mythology. The card with its inspiring texts comes with the tea, and that alone is an attraction. The graphic design with its drawings is by Pasi Virtakari.

Students of natural resources, our trainees Annika, who tested different taste options, and Tuula, who has dyed with spruce the strings with which the bags are tied, were also involved in the development of the conifer tea at different stages.

Another infusion that has been one of our favourite mixtures for some time is the tasty fireweed-meadowsweet combination, which was christened the Scent of the Meadows. More about that infusion later, but it’s already available in our online store.

I hope you like it. Cheers! And Salud!