Benzoin (50%) essential oil


Benzoin promotes blood circulation, strengthens the heart, and elevates mood.

Benzoin, or monk's balm, is not really an essential oil, but a resin that smells good. The light aroma is warm and rich, slightly woody and vanilla-like. Burned like temple incense in ancient high cultures, this enduring and heart-warming scent banished evil spirits and approached higher forces. It is considered to be a sun-dominated oil, in natural magic it is believed to increase personal strength and elevate mood.

Benzoin is said to relieve itching and irritation of the skin and soothe redness. It is also used in massage to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Composition: 50% Styrax Tokinensis (Thailand), 50% benzyl benzoate. Despite dilution, the resinous composition may be sticky.

10 ml flask

Use: Do not use directly on the skin, but dilute: 1 tablespoon base (vegetable) oil and 2 drops essential oil. This is the basic dilution instruction.

Massage oil: max 20 drops in 50 ml of base oil

Aroma lamp: 1-5 drops of essential oil on the surface of the water

Bath: 3-6 drops in water. If you want to emulsify the oil with water, use cream, honey, or bath oil.

Foot bath: 5-15 drops

Have a nice scent in your home using an aroma lamp or diffuser. You can also splash a few drops of essential oil on carpets. The vacuum cleaner smells good when you drop a few drops of oil on the filter.

Importer: Aduki Oy Manufacturer: Aqua Oleum, UK

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