Sustainable action

Luontoemo’s responsibility

Luontoemo is responsible. We pay attention to ecology and ethics. When you do business with us, you know you are acting responsibly.

Luontoemo’s products are easily recyclable because they are packed in a paper bag and / or a beautiful linen bag with a separate cardboard label.

Glass bottles and jars can be easily washed after use and reused. When they are no longer needed, they can be taken to a glass recycling bin.

The label and product card are made from recycled cardboard. The only colour used for printing is dark brown which also consumes the environment as little as possible. No plastic has been used in the packaging except in the drip lock of the soon-to-be-launched tincture.

The product content is as simple as possible, that is, they contain only a few raw materials. All products are based on Finnish wild plants.

The plants collected by local wildcrafters are from Päijänne Tavastia and have been treated gently and expertly.

Products are versatile in their use. The same brew or tincture can be used for many different purposes – internally or externally.

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