Korpikuusen Pihkasalva (resin salve)


Korpikuusen Pihkasalva is a handmade super cream with an old recipe, with spruce resin 30%, sheep fat, and beeswax.

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The ointment is handcrafted locally in Ravioskorpi, Sysmä. Nina, the owner of the Korven Karitsa farm in Sysmä, has collected resin from the farm's own spruce forest and made an ointment from it, adding sheep fat from her own sheep and Finnish beeswax.

Spruce resin has been used for hundreds of years in Finnish folk healing, and resin salve has been used for a wide variety of ailments.

Resin ointment is used in the treatment of wounds, nail fungus, and various skin symptoms such as rash, acne, and sunburn. Resin ointment is a versatile natural product and its effectiveness is based on the versatile properties of spruce resin. Antiseptic.

INCI: spruce resin (30%), lamb tallow, beeswax.

Not suitable for those with resin allergy.

Product size: 25 ml

Manufacturer: Korven Karitsa, Sysmä


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