Dried Chaga

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100% chaga mushroom from pure Finnish nature.


Chaga mushroom is a variety of fungus that grows on the side of a birch. Chaga has traditionally been used e.g. as a substitute for coffee, and there is a wealth of research on its use and properties.

Chaga tea: Put a tablespoon of dried chaga in a liter of water. Cook for about 15 minutes. You can sweeten the brew with honey, for example.

Chaga is very safe to use unless you are allergic to fungi.
Note! Do not use antibiotics, penicillin, or intravenous glucose (diabetics) at the same time as chaga, as they act as antidotes.

Size: 50 g or 100 g

Manufacturer: Luontoemo, Sysmä

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100 g, 50 g


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