Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)


Agrimony is ideal for someone who hides their feelings and concerns from themselves and from others, behind joyous looks, thereby avoiding facing life’s challenges. For internal unrest and the avoidance of solitude.

People who need Agrimony often seem carefree and humorous, but their joy of life is a mask to cover up anxiety, worry and even real inner pain, that they may try to hide from themselves, as well as from others. If they are in pain or in an uncomfortable state, they probably joke about it and are reluctant to express their real fears. They do not like being alone, are very social, and are seeking company of others to divert attention elsewhere. They are trying to avoid seeing the dark side of life and make light of things, rather than facing these things head-on. They may also suffer from restlesness and surging thoughts at night (see also White Chestnut). Agrimony-people may suppress unpleasant feelings by means of heavy drinking, drug usage, or comfort themselves with eating.

Agrimony provides one with a positive opportunity to be genuinely happy and a good conversationalist, who expresses their real feelings openly and can accept the less pleasant sides of life. Their cheerfulness is based on the acceptance of their actual self and inner joy; they see the big picture and are diplomatic peacemakers.

Size: 20 ml

Manufacturer: Original Bach Flower Remedies
Supplier: Aduki, Finland


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