Data Registry and Privacy Policy

  1. Data controller

    Luontoemo, Vääksyntie 903, 19700 Sysmä Business ID: 2390107-1

  2. Contact person for registry matters

    Pauliina Silva / Luontoemo

    tel. 0505424542

  3. Registry name

    Luontoemo’s customer register

  4. Purpose

    The register is used to manage customer relationships and as a source of information for business decisions.
    The register may be used for marketing, but not for electronic marketing, without the consent of the recipient.

  5. Registry information content

    The customer register includes the customer’s name, email, phone number, address, and order information.

  6. Regular data sources

    Customer register information is obtained from the customer in connection with an e-commerce order.

  7. Regular disclosures and transfers outside the EU or the European Economic Area

    The contents of the customer register will not be disclosed outside Luontoemo.

  8. Registry Security Principles

    All information in the register is stored in the information system and is protected and located in such a way that unauthorized parties do not have access to the information in the register. Only Pauliina Silva has access to the data.

  9. Right of inspection and exercise of the right of inspection

    With a signed letter, you can find out about your information free of charge once a year.

  10. Data Correction and Data Correction Implementation

    You can correct your information by contacting the data controller, who will make the desired changes.

  11. Other Possible Rights

    The data subject shall have the right to prohibit the data controller from processing personal data concerning him or her for the purposes of direct marketing or distance selling, as well as market and opinion research.

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Updated 4/3/2022